Sabtu, 30 Oktober 2010

welcome back :D

yeaaaaay . udah mau ngisi dari dulu terhambat cuma gara gara lupa email sm password. bodoooh ! hahaha. oh yaaa banyaaaaak banget yang sekiranya ingin terucapkan. mungkin butuh berlembar lembar ato berpuluh puluh postingan lagi. yang sedih yang seneng , semua ada. dan aku skg baru bisa bilang ini hidup ! masa kuliah emang berat , tapi ini proses untuk kehidupan yang lebih keras dan penuh tantangan di masa depan ! semangat! and i just wanna say, WELCOME BACK to my blog :D enjoy it :)

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

c o l l e g e

college ? uhmm at the high school i think college is very interesting , i mean the college is more free than high school right ? and more fun than the rule in the high school. but this time , when i face the college world about 2 month, it seems.. crowded and very very busy. assignment in almost of the courses and more and more and more. oh my God it's make me crazy. but later, i know . this is the real life. and then the problem that must i face and solve ver different than before. than i learn that i must be more mature to face my life. to more know and understand what i should do when i face that problem or other problem. like in the history management though and practice, we must understand the problem before we find the way to solve it. and we must know the best usage with a minimize risk on it. yeah, just like that . but in the realize it isn't just like that of course. haha. okey. later i will tell about my story and my friends. chao! rizki fitria ramadhani UII mangement international 2010