Selasa, 30 Oktober 2012

Photoshoot! :)

27 October was a greaaaat day!
and i love my outfit this day! :)

I found vintage clothes from my mom. the pink one :) and just match with black tank top and black jeans. just that but it really chick. yeiy :)

me in lempuyangan railway station

after make up

with the real model -momo-
me and icha

fron left to right - momo - me (kiki) - ajeng - icha and anggik. at malioboro street
actually before this me and my friends have another photoshoot in the Hutan Pinus in Imogiri

yeiy! that was fun! although me just help my friends to do her assignment, and not the main models to photoshoot. i still happy :) thankyou Epik Setyawati for the make up. it-was-awesome. and for lovely DMALIKAM - mala-ajeng-lia-icha-kiki-arman-momo. see ya then :)

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